Consultations, Referrals & Pricing Policy

Similar to other medical practitioners, appointment charges are proportionate to the time spent with you.

Standard Consultation Fee, for an approx 30 min appointment

This is typically enough time for most treatment services such as:

  • General Podiatry treatment
  • Assessment of an injury
  • Review and rehabilitation

Extended Consultation, 45min-1hour

Required when:

  • Multiple problems require attention

*Please advise our practice manager Joanne at the time of your booking, if you feel an extended consultation might be required to address your needs. 

Additional Costs

Special Podiatry services are sometimes necessary and charged over and above your consultation fee as special items.  

For example, foot scanning/casting for orthotics, injection therapy, nail surgery and/or any necessary consumables. 

Any additional costs will be discussed with you first. Most of these special items have corresponding insurance item numbers which enables rebate.

Claiming with Private Health Insurance

Narre Warren Podiatry accepts all private health insurance funds, which can be claimed on the spot (HICAPS).

  • Narre Warren Podiatry is not a preferred provider with any one insurance company. 

Enhanced Primary Care Referrals (EPC) for Chronic Disease. 

  • EPC appointments are the same duration as our Standard Consultations of approximately 30min. Our appointment times are not shortened for this service. 
  • This ensures you receive the same thorough treatment and the necessary correspondence to your doctor can occur. 
  • In light of our service and the time spent with our patients by our senior Podiatrist, this appointment is not ‘free of charge’ (not bulk billed). 
  • We kindly request you pay your account in full on the day and the Medicare rebate amount of $54.60 will be deposited back into your bank account for each visit (maximum of 5 per year). This means an out of pocket payment will be incurred.  

TAC & Workcover

  • A referral from the GP, specifically for Podiatry, is required prior to your appointment.
  • It is kindy requested that you personally settle your account after each consultation 
  • A receipt will be provided to you, enabling personal reimbursement.


  • All patients under the NDIS Scheme are accepted